Touch of Elegance believes the event must be beautiful and well-orchestrated for our clients to be happy. We offer several levels of service to ensure the décor is perfect.

For the Consultant/Design Coordinator

We work very closely with you ensure that your vision is achieved. We pride ourselves on being your most important vendor as well as the easiest to work with. Our goal is to make certain that you shine, when the doors are opened

For the Bride

Bring us your ideas. We are capable of creating any event you want. We will work closely with you in orchestrating the perfect atmosphere. We work within your budget. Our goal is make you the star as your guests marvel at the breathtaking décor.

For the Corporate Client

If you’re ready to impress your customers, we’ll make it happen. We listen to your expectations and we implement a plan that keeps you within budget and brings unparalleled elegance to your corporate event.

We look forward to working with you.

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